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UniController breaks after every reboot (Windows 8.1)


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I install UniServerZ and it runs fine, the controller works fine. After I reboot, I cannot start the controller anymore and I have to re-install the whole server to get it to work again.


When I try to run the controller, this is the message I get:


"Incorrect location! Move UniController to folder UniServerZ

To prevent problems UniController will close."


Obviously, I haven't changed the install path and it is still "C:\UniServerZ"


I am on Windows 8.1

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How do you start UniController?

The above may seem a strange question! I have seen people drag UniController.exe onto the desktop and run it from their, resulting in the above fail message. By dragging on Win 8.1 you are moving the actual file. In this case you need to right click on the file and create a short cut, then drag this file to the desktop.

All the best

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