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Server Status reports newer much higher version available, immediately after fresh install


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Looked for this topic, have not found info. Am very new user to Uni.


Installed from sourceforge yesterday

Coral 8.9.2 (localhost/index.php and dialog title - see attached image) vs. Newer UniServer Version = 11.5.0 w/ red box Indicator (Server Status dialog)

Expected "Current" as status (green indicator)


Possible cause:

I did install UniServerZ, prior to UniServer (same top folder, but each in it's default name).

I have not copied, moved, edited files between the folders, in fact only changes were to UniServer, as I skipped Z for the time being, wanting to use Start_as_program.


As a test I moved Z to another out of the UniServer folder hierarchy path, made no difference.


Anything to worry about (like cross linked/overwrites, etc/?) as far as I read, there are no registry entries etc., so where is it getting this version#?







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Uniform Server Coral series is no longer supported it was replaced with the ZeroXI series.

"wanting to use Start_as_program." A default installation of ZeroXI is to run as a standard program.

"so where is it getting this version" A downloaded preconfigured server has its version number hard coded. The latest release (current) version number is obtained directly from uniformserver.com website.

All the best

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