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UniServer not starting up (at all)


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I have Windows 8.1 Pro x64 installed, and am trying to run the newest version, which at the time of this writing is 11.4.1 ZeroXI.


As I have ZoneAlarm installed, it does prompt me that I have ZoneAlarm Installed. However, after that, the mysql password popup appears and then disappears in less than half a second. There's no main controller window or taskbar icon.



At first, I thought it crashed, but when I tried to run the controller again, the new one said that the old one is still running, which is true when I opened task manager. I tried connecting to localhost, but it's not connecting.


Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?





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Did you try turning off Zone Alarm temporarily? 11.4.1 runs fine on my Win 8.1 Pro :)

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