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Uniform Server 11.4.0-ZeroXI


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Uniform Server 11.4.0-ZeroXI Released:

Changes in this release:
Security update includes fix for POODLE
UniController now supports adding additional environment variables, see docs for details.

Apache 2.4.10 - Updated ZeroXI_apache_2_4_10_1.exe to ZeroXI_apache_2_4_10_2.exe *
UniController 1.1.6 - Updated ZeroXI_controller_1_1_6.exe to ZeroXI_controller_1_1_7.exe
phpMyAdmin 4.2.10 - Updated ZeroXI_phpmyadmin_4_2_9.exe to ZeroXI_phpmyadmin_4_2_10.exe
php 5.4.34 - Updated ZeroXI_php_5_4_33.exe to ZeroXI_php_5_4_34.exe *
documentation 1.1.2 - Updated ZeroXI_documentation_1_1_0.exe to ZeroXI_documentation_1_1_2.exe

Modules (Plugins):
Added above modules and the following:
php 5.5.18 - Updated ZeroXI_php_5_5_17.exe to ZeroXI_php_5_5_18.exe *
php 5.6.2 - Updated ZeroXI_php_5_6_1.exe to ZeroXI_php_5_6_2.exe *

The above php modules install PHP as an Apache module this
is standard operation for a pre-configuraed XeroXI server.

CGI Modules:
The following modules allow you to run PHP as fast-cgi
php 5.4.34 nts - Updated ZeroXI_php_nts_5_4_33.exe to ZeroXI_php_nts_5_4_34.exe *
php 5.5.18 nts - Updated ZeroXI_php_nts_5_5_17.exe to ZeroXI_php_nts_5_5_18.exe *
php 5.6.2 nts - Updated ZeroXI_php_nts_5_6_1.exe to ZeroXI_php_nts_5_6_2.exe *

Note: * Compiled with OpenSSL/1.0.1j

Uniform Server 11.4.0-ZeroXI

Uniform Server ZeroXI modules

Online ZeroXI documentation updated to ZeroXI_documentation_1_1_2

The Uniform Server Development Team

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