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Add PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR environment variable


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The above is possible however its lacking in detail. How do you see this working?

What about PHP switching how will it interface (where to place folder containing the addition ini files)


An interim solution is to start UniController.exe with a batch files and set the environment variable accordingly. The following example is portable and would be specific to the selected PHP version:

1 Create a new folder for example user_php_inis in folder UniServerZ containing all additional ini files.

2 In folder UniServerZ create the following batch file ini_run.bat

@echo off
pushd %~dp0
set PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR=%cd%\user_php_inis
Start UniController.exe

Run the above batch file, this sets the environment variable to folder user_php_inis and then runs UniController.exe



Note: Additional environment variable support added starting from Uniform Server 11.4.0-ZeroXI


All the best


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