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Cron in UniServer Zero XI 11.3.1


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Using UniServer Zero XI 11.3.1 I am trying to get a php script running using the cron functionality.


I can access my script using my browser and it runs successfully, but when it runs on the cron schedule it fails because it finds the mysqli extension is not loaded. I also notice that it does not pick up the date.timezone setting from my php.ini.


What's going on? Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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Ah ha! I've found that I can get it working with using a relative path to the script in cron.ini:

path = \www\app\cron.php
...rather than...

path = http://localhost/app/cron.php


I had to add an "extension=php_mysqli.dll" line to the php-cli.ini file (and set the timezone), so that's why it wasn't working before using the relative path. Still can't understand why it didn't work using the http path, but at least it's working.

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Having same problem in 2023, although inserting relative path as you have above still does not work for me.

Cron is running and logging as it should normally, but it does not execute my php file.

In fact I deleted the file and cron did not blink and even reported an OK in it's log.

Has anyone figured this out?

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