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Apache2 won't work/start


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This is a crummy work around on this, but it will show you that the real problem is not with Apache but with starting PHP.


After learning that there was some syntax errors in the Apache conf file, and trying various things to get it to work (nothing did). I decided to change the <IfDefine php54> to <IfDefine php53> so when Apache loads it bypasses those lines and starts right up. The problem of course is that PHP does not work! I did this on my virtual XP install at home. I zipped the UniServerZ and took it to work and put it on a Windows7 Machine (Not virtual) and some how got everthing to work (after changing <IfDefine php53> to <IfDefine php54> of course). I probably did somethig else but after so many days of frustration and sleepless nights i cannot remember. I try to document everything, but confusion messes things up.


Hope this helps a bit, if it does pleas get me an answer as I got to get hMailserver up and going!



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