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Quick 'n' easy FTP - how do I integrate it with Uniform Server?


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I have Windows XP. I've just installed the most recent version of Uniform server, and was looking to set up a local FTP server too to replicate the live system. I downloaded the suggested plugin, and the FTP server (2.6) starts fine. But when I try to send objects using Filezilla to the WWW directory within the uniform server directory, I keep getting '452 Disk Quota Exceeded. Transfer aborted'. When I check out the WWW directory, it appears to be read-only, and removing the 'read only' has no effect - it returns to read only.


It appears that quick 'n' easy FTP needs to be running from within the Uniform server. But I was unsuccessful in my efforts to find adequate documentation that showed how it could be integrated. Essentially, at the moment it's running as standalone from the Uniform server, but trying to update the WWW files that are under the control of Uniform server.


Can anyone shed any light on how to get round this, or how to properly integrate any kind of FTP server within Uniform server? When it comes to server-related stuff, I'm a dabbler rather than a dab-hand.


Thanks in anticipation.



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