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UniController Apache Config Settings


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There seems to be a bug in the UniController application with changing basic settings.


Reproduction steps:


1) Load UniController

2) Under the "Apache" menu, select "edit basic and modules" and then choose "edit basic configuration"

3) Enter a valid email address under the "server admin email" that has a TLD with more than one dot, or a TLD that is only two characters.

For example:


example@example.com = works

example@example.org = works

example@example.net = works


example@example.co.uk = doesn't work

example@example.ac.uk = doesn't work

example@example.eu = doesn't work

example@example.es = doesn't work


The error given is "admin E-mail: E-mail invalid format".



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Thank you for bug report.


Above corrected in next UniController release (ZeroXI_controller_1_1_3).


All the best


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