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Sorry guys, bit of a dumb question...


Is there a way of tweaking UniTray so the UniServer starts automatically when UniTray is loaded - having to start UniTray and then start UniServer is seems a little odd, why would you be running UniTray without UniServer? 8-)




Couch Potatoe

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I dont think so,.. i don't think that there is a function to doing that, but i will look into it.


Oh wait.. you can do that in a bat file, but might be too much if you are new to Windows Batch Files.


All you have to do is make a new bat file or tweak anyone of the two :lol:

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:lol: or you can copy the commands in Start UniTray.bat to Start.bat and it will start UniTray with the server :D


Not sure if it will work, but it should... :)

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