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Access Phpmyadmin from another PC


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Hello and good morning,

I was hopping if someone here could help me on access phpmyadmin from another pc in the same network.

My friends and i are working together on a project and the mysql database is in my computer. Sometimes they one to change settings on the db but when they try to access my phpmyadmin they got an "Access Forbidden ".

I've tried to change the .htaccess file to "allow from all" but didn't work.

Can someone help me please??

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Well this was a great disappointment. A lot of views on this post but no one at least tried to help me. but its ok i found the solution in case some one need it. The problem is inside the phpmyadmin folder has his own .htaccess file. in my case (Uniserver Zero XI) the folder was C:\uniserverz\home\us_opt1.

Just add "Allow fom all" below the "Allow from" or just overwrite it. Restart your apache server and is done.

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