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Uniform Server XI language support


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Uniform Server XI language support

Language support for Uniform Server XI is currently in development. In order to move development on, community support is required. If anyone is interested in providing language translation the development version is located in the dev folder at Source Forge.

Download and save the file 11_1_0_ZeroXI_dev.exe to a new folder. Extract the server by double clicking the downloaded file.

Language translation is implemented using po files. For each language supported there are three files one for each application UniController, UniService and EditHosts these are located in the following folders:

In each of these folders there are translations for Czech=cs English=en French=fr German=de Russian=ru and Chinese simplified=zh

As a starting point these have been translated using Google translate and there in lies the problem! Translations are probably not appropriate or are inaccurate hence require community support for better translation. You can directly translate these files or use something like poedit.

When you have completed translation please PM translated pages to me for inclusion in the final release.

To avoid duplication the following members have agreed to translate language shown:

Member: Language:
Svatopluk - Czech

If you wish to be included add your name to this forum page and I will update the above list.

If you find bugs related to translation again post on this forum page.

All the best

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