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Cron in Zero 11


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Hi, neat little wamp server you've put together here!


I just have a question regarding cron. Is there is a way to run a script between a specific time period? Every hour between 0600 - 1800 for example. I currently use windows task scheduler to do this but would like to pass the job over to cron in Uniserver if possible!


Also, my cron jobs seem to go out of sync. If I happen to restart the server, the job then runs straight away after a restart, and not on the specific time interval since the start time I specified. E.g I specify a start time of 2014-3-11 10:00:00 with a period to run hourly. I then restart the server today at 1342. The job will then run every hour from 1342 and not on the hour as I specified originally (1400, 1500, 1600 etc). Is there a way around this without resetting the start time every time I restart the server?


Many Thanks

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