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UniController 1.0.2 - Missing RC file


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It is impossible to compile Uni Controller XI 1.0.2 from source in Lazarus as there is missing file unicon_images.rc.


If you omit the file from the source, program is compiled however the tray icon is missing.


Lazarus : 1.0.14 and 1.2 RC2 for Win32

Uni Controller XI 1.0.2 source


Same bug for source 1.0.1 but 1.0.0 is working perfectly.


Could you please provide the file or even higher version of Uni Contoller sources for Lazarus (I can see the working version 1.0.6)?

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OK, solved this. RC created from source file and comment there.


The content of missing file unicon_images.rc is this :


120 ICON "unicon_images/main_icon2_a0.ico"
121 ICON "unicon_images/main_icon2_a1.ico"
122 ICON "unicon_images/main_icon2_a2.ico"
123 ICON "unicon_images/main_icon2_a3.ico"

130 ICON "unicon_images/main_icon2_m0.ico"
131 ICON "unicon_images/main_icon2_m1.ico"
132 ICON "unicon_images/main_icon2_m2.ico"
133 ICON "unicon_images/main_icon2_m3.ico"

140 ICON "unicon_images/main_icon2_u0.ico"
141 ICON "unicon_images/main_icon2_u1.ico"
142 ICON "unicon_images/main_icon2_u2.ico"
143 ICON "unicon_images/main_icon2_u3.ico"

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