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Can not import Table data


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I tried to use phpMyAdmin to import a database I have exported.

It is in the form of SQL. The table and fields setup ok, but no data was entered so I pasted only the insert into lines from the text file into the SQL window. Only the first instruction runs.


How can I get all this data impoted without cutting and pasting every single insert command into the SQL window one at a time?

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hmm, try exporting the database as a .gz file and then import it as that.


It should work. By the way, make sure the export corresponds with the MySQL version of the Uniform Server so it does nto cause problems. You can chose which version in phpMyAdmin when exporting.

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hmm, and it does not give you an error? or say something is wrong?


It should....


Try downloading a new copy of the whole server and testing it on the new download/installation.



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