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Pear Installation Problems


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I am attempting to install the Pear module for ZeroXI. After installation, when I click on the View Pear Frontend link, I get the following error:


Error: the template directory (C:\UniServerZ\home\us_pear/PEAR\data\PEAR_Frontend_Web\data\templates) is not a directory, or not readable. Make sure the 'data_dir' of your config file (C:\UniServerZ\home\us_pear/PEAR\data) points to the correct location !


As I did not install UniServerZ in the root, the paths are obviously wrong. I would have thought that the right paths should have been imported. When I go to pear.conf and put the right path to the server in, I get the error:


Error: PEAR_Config: bad data in C:\Users\Dan\UniServerZ\home\us_pear\pear.conf


My pear.conf file is:

#PEAR_Config 0.9
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I know this is like 2 years later. But I came across the same issue. I noticed that what it serialized was done incorrectly.

echo serialize(array(

Just create a PHP file and put this in it, changing the paths. Make sure it is /temp. Not \temp as well.
Run it and copy that into your config.

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