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Zero - Access phpmyadmin remotely


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To allow unrestricted access to phpMyAdmin edit the following file:

Replace these four lines:
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from
Allow from ::1

With these:

#Order Deny,Allow
#Deny from all
#Allow from
#Allow from ::1

Restrict access using basic authentication. At the bottom of file .htaccess add the following lines:

AuthName "Uniform Server - Server Access"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile ../../htpasswd/phpmyadmin/.htpasswd
Require valid-user
Save file.

Now create a password file as follows:
Create a new folder C:\UniServerZ\htpasswd\phpmyadmin
Copy file C:\UniServerZ\htpasswd\www\.htpasswd to folder C:\UniServerZ\htpasswd\phpmyadmin
Edit file C:\UniServerZ\htpasswd\phpmyadmin\.htpasswd change name (root) and password (root) as required.
Save file.

To access phpMyAdmin type the following into your browser:


Supply name and password as set in the password file C:\UniServerZ\htpasswd\phpmyadmin\.htpasswd

All the best

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Hi Ric,


I have tried the instruction but I kept on getting the message:



You don't have permission to access /us_opt1/index.php on this server."


I've tried:


http://localhost/us_opt1/index.php <--- WORK <--- WORK <--- NOT WORK (Note: same machine)

http://mydomain.com/us_opt1/index.php <--- NOT WORK


I've tried starting again from scratch using the default user (root) and password (root) and still have the same problem as when I was using a different password.





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Topic not fresh, but mayby usefull for somebody (becouse promblem isn't solved by others).


My solution for remote access to `Uniform Server` (and phpmyadmin):


  • Both computers (client and server) have the system Windows (in my case Win7 on client and Win XP on server)
  • I installed on the server (Win XP) `Uniform Server`.
  • Both computers are on the same network (they have the same class) 192.168.0.x
  • Client computer have IP
  • Server computer have IP


  1. Edit file `hosts` on client computer
    se Uniform Server panel (Main menu --> Extra --> Edit Win hosts file)
    - Host name -> input target domain (ex. mydomain.com)
    - IP Adress -> input target IP (ex.
  2. Edit file 'hosts' on server computer
    You should input the values:
    - Host name -> input target domain (ex. mydomain.com)
    - IP Adress -> input target IP (ex.
  3. Switch off Apache
    To enable 'virtual host' option.
  4. Add virtual host by Uniform Server panel:
    Main menu --> Apache --> Apache vhosts --> Create
    Apache vhost
  5. Add domain folder (or use already created)
    Input values:
    - Root folder name -> myFolderForDomain (localized dafault into www/... of US's dir)
    - Server name -> enter domain witch have previously entered (in these example it is mydomain.com)
  6. For access by phpMyAdmin additionaly You should edit file `.htaccess` in US folder.
    Localisation these folder:
    home\us_opt1\ .htaccess

    and modifify line 'allow' and add IP 'client computer' separated by space like this example :
    #Order Deny,Allow
    #Deny from all
    #Allow from
    #Allow from ::1
  7. Restart Apache.
  8. Done :)



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