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Uniform Server 11.0.1-ZeroXI


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Uniform Server 11.0.1-ZeroXI Released:

Changes in this release:
Updated ZeroXI_controller_1_0_0.exe to ZeroXI_controller_1_0_1.exe
Fixed bug create Vhost, now allows four character domain extensions.

Updated ZeroXI_apache_2_4_6.exe to ZeroXI_apache_2_4_6_a.exe
Fixed index.php links

Updated ZeroXI_php_5_4_20.exe to ZeroXI_php_5_4_21.exe
Updated ZeroXI_phpmyadmin_4_0_8.exe to ZeroXI_phpmyadmin_4_0_9.exe

Modules (Plugins):
Updated ZeroXI_palemoon_24_0_2.exe to ZeroXI_palemoon_24_1_1.exe
Pale Moon portable browser - Pre-configured for PAC file use, allows full portability.

Uniform Server 11.0.1-ZeroXI

Uniform Server ZeroXImodules

The Uniform Server Development Team

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