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Zero XI update


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Yes - an update for 4 modules. OK download and install...








Sorry to say but, then I find my self reinstall 15 vhost.


Please - when it´s time for update - add an function that do a backup for the config-files.

eq: or move to an dir whith date for install as namne.


Know I'm "#¤%&"



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I also vote for this.

This posting should probably should be added to Support -> Trackers -> Feature Requests

I had a similar problem after updating/upgrading from Uniform Server Zero v10.2.5 to v11.0.1

I needed to redefine/recreate apache vhost configuration conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf

Actual vhosts directories/folders were not lost, Windows TCP-IP Hosts file was not modified, but it took me some time to resolve and sort out configuration and .htaccess files

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