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Starting Apache and MySQL automatically


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I want to start Apache and MySQL automatically when I launch uniserver without having to click on Start Apache and Start MySQL. Is this possible?


According to past forum posts, there used to be batch files that could this, but I couldn't find any in the latest version.


Also, I can't get uniserver to start automatically with apache and mysql at computer startup, despite configuring it to do so.


But I would still much rather launch it myself using a batch script and have apache and mysql start on application launch.


Thank you,



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Two things: First and foremost, tell us what version of The Uniform Server you are using. What version of Windows would be helpful, also.

Second, when you say "configuring" it to run at startup, do you mean that you set it to start it as a service (which is the right way)? The batch files were a workaround for making the programs run as a service.




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I got what I believe is the latest one: Zero XI, 11.0.0 and I'm under Windows 8


I don't think I configured it to run as a service, I just went in Extra -> PC-win start-up and checked everything.


Ideally, I would not like to run everything on computer start-up, but rather just have Apache and MySQL start automatically when I launch the UniController.exe


I was using XAMPP before, the config file had:



Apache = 1

MySQL = 1


That did exactly that. Is something similar possible with uniserver? If not, is there a workaround I could make myself?


The reason I ask is that I have a backdoor into my home server that runs a few services for myself and my friends (games, small web server etc). As I'm often away, I have little scripts that I can execute from anywhere to remotely play around with things.

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You can use command-line parameters for example:

UniController.exe start_both
UniController.exe stop_both

For details see reference manual page:

All the best

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Hi all.

We were using the coral 8 version and know we are moving to Zero version.

I have a question regarding the " run at startup" feature. is this option install uniserver as service (like for the corl 8 version) or just start uniserver when computer starts.

I have another question regarding this feature, if it's not a service do a user need to login to start the uniserver ?


Thank you.



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Hi All,


I have made a test with uniserver Zero XI (11_0_1) and windows 7 64b

I have activated the run at start-up (seems to need administrator rights) and restart my computer

-> i was able to access to the website without any user logged in.


I have check the msconfig program and see unicontroller zero in the startup tab.

So in this version, uniserver is no more a service.


Has someone tried to use this version on a windows server system ? i don't know if the behaviour is the same.




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