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Windows dates PHP 5.1


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It is recommended that you wait till 3.3 which should be out the first or second week of December. It will come with PHP 5.1 which is what we have mainly been waiting for.

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Does anyone know how to upgrade php in uniformserver to php 5.1? Thank you.


I replaced the php.exe and copied all DLLs. I think the biggest problem is the php.ini. I used WinMerge to merge the old ini file with the new 5.1 one.


The first think you have to do is setting the default date in the ini or with ini_set(), or you will always get an error when you use a time function. See php.net for the allowed values...


Other problems:


- mktime() without parameters (current server time) causes an error. it has to be replaced with time()

- if you use mktime() with the last parameter for the DST time, this will also cause an error

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