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Issue with relative urls


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I've installed Uniform Server from scratch, however there is an issue.


I can't use links such as these => href="/favicon.ico"


It doesn't work, it doesn't add the file, I am forced to do something like this instead => href="../favicon.ico" depending on the number of folders that separate the two files.


I assume that's a setting, but I've never had to change that setting before, it always worked by default, and this problem is absolutely ungooglable.


Anyone knows how to fix it?

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Is there a way to delete this thread?


Any admin can delete a thread however you raised an issue and more importantly found a solution. This benefits other uses with the same or similar problem hence no reason to delete this thread.


All the best


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In this case I'll give a more detailed explanation.


My root directory was the following :



In this directory, I have different directories for different projects :





A link such as 'href="/favicon.ico"' will go look at the root of the Apache folder, which is typically www, in contrary to a PHP url which considers "/favicon.ico" to be in the folder where the first PHP page was called for the request.


Solution 1


Use the following href link = 'href="/project1/favicon.ico' instead of 'href="/favicon.ico"'


Solution 2


Find your httpd.conf file in your Apache directory, modify this line :


<Directory "C:/UniServer/www">


To this :


<Directory "C:/UniServer/www/project1/">


Then restart Apache


However, note that this means your other projects in the www folder will not be accessible anymore as they will be outside Apache.

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