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XML View Problems in Localhost


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Current O/S: Win7 Ultimate (x64)

Current Server: Coral8




This is a current snapshot of how the XML page cannot be viewed in localhost. Am using a (validated) RSS 2.0 feed template

which I have no problem viewing when the XML document is in its' native webspace. Since instaling Coral8, have never been

able to view either RSS 2.0 or 0.91 feeds. I have no other problems than this, because it makes it really hard to try and add

<item></item> when it doesn't pop in to the viewport. I've gone through great lengths to report this bug, so if someone

knowledgeble can chime in, that'd be great. As far as the picture goes, the error message about the end tag not matching is

totally untrue - both tags are <link></link>.

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