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UniServerZ: Option to change default editor


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Could you create an option to set the default editor for config files launched from UniServerZ controller?


With UniServer (coral), I could change the editor from notepad to gvim.exe by editing main_menu.html. But there doesn't seem to be anything equivalent for the controller in UniServer Zero. Please let me know if I just overlooked it. If the source code is available, I'll be happy to download, edit and recompile it myself. If it is not available to the public, could you add an option to set a custom editor for text/config files?




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Thanks for your feedback.

Added: Change default editor in controller version: Zero_Controller_10_2_2.exe


Set parameter USER_EDITOR in configuration file: UniServerZ\home\us_config\us_user.ini

Set parameter to the required path/name for your editor.


All the best


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