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UniServer 10.2.1-Zero


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UniServer 10.2.1-Zero Released:


Changes in this release:

Updated phpmyadmin to Zero_phpmyadmin_4_0_5.exe

Updated MySQL to Zero_mysql_5_5_33.exe

Updated controller to Zero_Controller_10.1.1.exe

Updated docs to Zero_documentation_1_0_4.exe


Main features

Fully portable - run from USB memory stick

Apache 2.4.6

MySQL (5.5.33 or 5.6.13) or Mariadb (5.5.32)

Switch between PHP versions 5.3.26, 5.4.17 and 5.5.1

phpMyAdmin and or Adminer

Strawberry Perl

Cron and auto run at start-up

Built in DTDNS updater

Full documentation included




UniServer 10.2.1-Zero


UniServer ZeroModules




The Uniform Server Development Team

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