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One second delay in PHP pages only


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I have installed the latest Uniform Server in two PCs running Windows 7. The installation was quite similar to both PCs, using the default settings. The first PC ('Office PC') is running ok.

The problem is in the second PC ('Home PC'): When a PHP page is requested, there is always a one second delay, no matter how simple that page is.



1. The delay appears only in .php pages, not in .html

2. Even if a .php page contains a simple HTML 'Hello world' without php code, the delay is still happening.

3. If I edit the httpd.conf and add the .html extension in the AddHandler application/x-httpd-php line, the delay is happening to .html files also.

4. The tests were performed by using the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

5. Using php.exe in a command line window to process the Hello world script, there is no delay.

6. When counting the PHP execution time by calling microtime(TRUE) in the beginning and in the end of the code, the reported time is in the range of a few milliseconds.

7. When displaying the Network tab in Developer Tools in Chrome while loading the Hello world php page, the times reported are: DNS lookup = 1 ms, Connecting = 3ms, Sending = 2ms, Waiting = 1.03s, Receiving = 1ms.

8. The delay is happening when the request URL starts with either http://localhost or, given that the web browser is opening always in the same machine.


Any suggestions to try would be welcome.

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I have taken a look at this and was unable to reproduce the issue.

Perhaps someone else has come across this and has a solution.


All the best


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