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Wrong start?


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I'm fairly new to creating servers and I just got to know Uniform Server.

However when I boot 'Start_as_program.exe' I should get a window saying that I have to change my password.

In my case it gives an Error straight away, this one;

An error has occurred in the script page.


Line: 250

Char: 2

Error: Input past end of file

Code: 0

URL: file:///C:/UniServer/uni_con/includes/core_functions_inc.vbs

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?



(I didn't change a thing in that core_functions_inc.vbs)


I checked line 250, maybe theres something unusual here?

Line 245-260

Function us_port_in_use_ap(port)

Dim temp_file, FS,sInput

temp_file = US_TMP & "\port_check.txt" 'Temp file for netstat results

call ExecCMD("cmd /c netstat -anp tcp >" & temp_file,0,true) 'true=wait

Set FS = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") 'Create file object

sInput = FS.OpenTextFile(temp_file).ReadAll 'Read file content


'Is port in use

If InStr(sInput, "" & port & " ") Then

us_port_in_use_ap = true 'Yes return true


us_port_in_use_ap = false 'No return false

End if


Set FS = Nothing

End Function



Windows Ultimate 64 bits

4 core @ 3.1ghz, 4 gb ram, Ati Radeon 5770.


I think I tried everything, i searched through the forums, and couldn't find any solutions.

I hope somebody can help me.


Hope to hear from you soon!



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Did you check the runtime library version on your machine?

Also, what version of The Uniform Server are you running?




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I also had some problems with this randomly. My current solution is to just start apache and mysql manually:




or something like that.


Gonna try to do some research on why exacly unitray stopped working later when I got some time.

I am representing the open tibia community otland.net
otland.net is contributing open source server software to an 2d mmorpg game called Tibia.

Here are some Uniform server tutorials/guide contributions from me:
VIDEO TUTORIAL: I teach newbreeds to install and operate uniform server: (Updated for Coral 8.x)

Uniform Server newbie guide:
Securely installing Uniform Server for total newbeginners:
(also contains how to get our open source tibia game, and connect it successfully to the uniform mysql server).

How to add a website for our open source tibia game which includes highscore, create account and so on: (On uniform server)

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