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.htpasswd & .htaccess


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I would have added this to a previous post, but the topic says it is closed ;)

I followed the tutorial found here and everything is working fine, but I would like the directory that I am password protecting to be visable in my directory listing. With the .htpasswd and .htaccess set up the way the tutorial suggests I can't see the directory in question until I have manually typed the address and entered my password.

I would like to be able to view this directory in my directory listing, but once I click on it be prompted for my password. Is this possible?


Second question if I may...?

What do I need to add to the .htaccess file to prevent a certain directory from being listed at all? Using the same tutorial I saw that you can add

IndexIgnore *

and it will prevent that directory's contents from being displayed. I would like to display all of the directories except for one, is this possible?


Thanks in advance. I love Uniform Server, it is working so well for me that I want to try some new things!!


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I followed the tutorial found here and everything is working fine,


OK I spoke too fast. This works great if I enter a password as plain text, but I can't get it to work using any of the encrypted password generators (like the one mentioned in the tutorial). Not a big deal in my case, but it would be nice to do it right ;)


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Thats something in Uniform Server. It wont use the generator i think because Apache has been shrunk, still looking into it though it does not matter if yout .htpasswd file is in a safe directory outside the web root.


About the directory listing, thats normal Apache. Can't do anything there.


About hiding a certian folder, i'm sure you can try it. Never used it before so don't know much about that.

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