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Mini Server 8 httpd.conf config for installing ignitefusion


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I want to install ignitefusion on the mini server 8

this config used to work on the old uniform server (WAY back)

but they don't work on mini server 8 apache httpd.conf - the server starts then stops

can you tell me what the correct config would be based on the following old one below


thanks! Megan


#ignite stuff ----START ---

#create virtual directory to point to the directory where IgniteDB.exe exists

ScriptAlias /if/ /usr/local/if/

#Add extensions associations

AddType application/x-httpd-ignitedb .ign .cfm .cfml

#Tie extensions to executable

Action application/x-httpd-ignitedb "/if/ignitedb.exe"

#ignite stuff ---- END ---

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