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Can I use Uniform Server [5.5a-Nano] on Windows 7?


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I am thinking of upgrading my dear old computer form XP (didn't much fancy Vista at the time of building!) to Windows 7. I have been using Uniform Server for a while now and as a web designer it is utterly essential to me!


I am running 5.5a-Nano (old I know but I have had not reason to upgrade and made so many custom settings and what not I can't rememebr what I've done!) - will this run OK on Windows 7? Is there any reason why it wouldn't?


If all is OK and I upgrade, will changes I made to the to the hosts file be erased? I have set up a subdomain (cms.localhost) and don't want to lose that.

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I just tried Nano 5.5a on my Win 7 Home Premium 64bit system and it works like a charm :)/>


Installed Joomla! 1.5.26 just to test and as you can see, it works well.






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Don't take life too seriously ... nobody has ever gotten out of it alive :)


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