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Unitray in Steel 9 doesn't work.


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So, I tried this with Steel 9 RC5, 8.7.3 is ok. (I stoped all process and removed them before testing with 9).

1-When Apache and MySQL aren't placed as services and started through the unitray, ok all work fine.

2-When Apache and MySQL are placed as services through unitray, so the unitray got greyed out (disbled menus). But the services are started correctly, but I lose the unitray functions.


The screen shows my computer after start, so I clicked on unitray.


Sorry for the bad english, I'm from Brazil.




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I have the same problem. Clean install of Steel 9.0.0 RC5 on Window 7 Ultimate PC. Install went fine, first time I ran the UniTray it worked fine. I went in via right-click, selected "Install and Run Apache/MySQL as Services", that went fine. Unitray icon was briefly green, then back to red. Server works fine (see attached splashscreen). But, now when I go back into UniTray (after reboot for example), I get the same warnings about port 80 and 3306 being in use. It is UniServer that has them in use! :-)


So, the install works, but the UniTray does not so much.


Are there known issues with the Steel build that cause this?


I tried Coral 8.7.3 but it does not install properly on Windows 7 Ultimate. Works fine on Windows 7 Professional.






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