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MySQL access using WorkBench, Toast, Heidi...


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First, sorry for my English.


I use nano 5.6.15 for years in production environment, on an intranet. A server without a display.

And I use Toad, HeidiSQL or Mysql_WorkBench from my desk (for me, better than phpmyadmin).


But if I upgrade to Coral 8.6, 8.7 ..., phpmyadmin does work, but I can`t connect from Toad, Heidi or WorkBench.

(After unzipping the package, just change the key and authorize in firewall).

What is different about the new versions?


Any idea?

Thank you.

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Instead of using localhost for Hostname use the IP address

All the best



I used two names for Hostname (#bind-address= in my.ini. Also, uniform pc ip. No results.

I tried access from XP to Win7 and all four variations.

I changed a line \Uniserver865\home\us_phpmyadmin\.htaccess to: "Allow from" to allow access phpmyadmin from my local pc with ip=

And I can connect in root mode with phpmyadmin from

But cant connect with MySQLworkbench, Toad or heidi. Im confused.

I can continue using nano, but... I would change to new versions.

Can you suggest any idea?


Thanks in advance


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