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Hi, Thanks for Uniserver.


My experience of Apache, PHP etc is zero so I want to check if if this is correct:

I have this error:


Error: the template directory (C:\Coral_8_5_6\UniServer\home\us_pear\PEAR\data\PEAR_Frontend_Web\data\templates) is not a directory, or not readable. Make sure the 'data_dir' of your config file (C:\Coral_8_5_6\UniServer\home\us_pear\PEAR\data) points to the correct location !


when I try to open the PEAR control panel from Server Configuration>PHP. So I replaced every occurrence of C:\Coral_8_5_6... with C:\Coral_8_7_2... in C:\Coral_8_7_2\Uniserver\home\us_pear\pear.conf and this appears to let the control panel function as intended. Was this is the right thing to do, and do I need to change any other files?

Apologies if the answer seems obvious but I am completely new at setting up a server.



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No need to apologise. What you have done looks correct assuming you have updated the file (pear.conf) serialization correctly!


You have found a bug, paths in the configuration file should update transparently.

I have attached two files (pear.conf.txt and index.php) copy these to folder C:\Coral_8_7_2\UniServer\home\us_pear allow overwriting of original files.

Rename pear.conf.txt to pear.conf


The modified script index.php will automatically update paths.

Note: Your original file pear.conf may be corrupted hence the new replacement.


All the best

Ric :)



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