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localhost@127.0.01 accedently removed users


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hello there folkz on unifom server's i have no idea what im doing but i know 1 thing never remove the users in the phpmyadmin tool u wont be able to get back into it, im trying to use the unifom server as a tool for my Open tibia server and it worked just great untill i thought hmm do i need those users "localhost," and removed them. now i have spent like 3 hours non-stop searching for either a tool to make new user's or something so i can get back in phpmyadmin.


what ive tried so far: removing the unifrom server 8.7 serveral times restarting my computer afterwards for a hoping the Mysql and Phpadmin to reset when i reinstalled it again, and for some reason it dident work at all. then i spent the last 3 hours googeling on how to remake users for Mysql and Phpmyadmin with no result ive allso tried to remove the password for Root in the config file in c:\uniserver...... still no result. ive allso searched for something that could maaaybe help me find were i could create some new users but no luck there either.


so now im asking u guys if u have an idea how i can either reinstall Evrything and get the phpmyadmin to work again i dont care about the database i will get it to work again as long i can get in to phpmyadmin.


Sorry for my lousy english but im getting tierd and cant really help it.

Greetings a Tierd swedish Zacke.

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