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cannot view page when changing ports


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As the topic says i am having issues when i change the port outside of port 80 i am using Coral_8_6_7

to give you an idea what i am trying to do i already have a web host to host my main website, i am trying to create a private/public server that uses a different port i know your fixing to ask why use a different port, simple answer, because i want too..lol

here is what i have done, i went to the server config and changed the port in this case i am gonna use port 213


i go into the apache config to make sure it looks the same


i click on server status http://localhost:213/server-status and i get this


You don't have permission to access /server-status on this server.

i also did some editing in the .htaccess file

Order Deny,Allow
Allow from all
Allow from localhost

unless i am missing something this is the correct way to do it.. if not can you point me to the correct way to do this

thank you


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