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Uniform Server PHP MiniServer 1.0.5


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Uniform Server PHP MiniServer 1.0.5 Released:


The Uniform Server PHP MiniServer provides a graphical user interface to the PHP built-in web server.

Uniform Server PHP MiniServer features:


* Single button to start and stop server.

* Multi-server configuration allows running more than one server instance.

* Menu options to change server port and perform port test.

* Select server root folder from popup menu.

* Select router file from popup menu.

* Single button click to display a specific web page.

* HTML documentation

* Portable – Run from USB memory stick.


Core components and changes:

PHP updated to 5.4.8

Replaced msmtp with us_smtp

Updated HTML documentation





Uniform Server PHP MiniServer 1.0.5

Uniform Server PHP MicroServer 1.0.5




Note: The PHP MicroServer is a cut down PHP MiniServer specifically ICU is not supported.



The Uniform Server Development Team :)

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