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Browser Link Redirecting to Localhost


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Re: Uniform Server [7.1.14-Orion]


I discovered today if I enter www dot xamps dot com into any of my five major browsers, I am directed to my localhost test site, but with the xamps.com domain name showing in the browsers' address bar. All of the site's URL and internal links work correctly with this domain. I cleared my cache memory, stopped Uniserver, shut all systems down and restarted everything manually, but the behavior continues. I text-searched the entire Uniserver directory for "xamps". The only place I found it was in the tmp/session files, which appear to be a result of this behavior, not related to the cause. Is it possible that developers inserted this as some kind of back door for testing? Could somebody with a working Uniserver test site please try this URL and let me know what, if anything happens? Thanks.

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This is too easy, and has no connection with The Uniform Server' s operation.


If you do a nslookup on xamps.com, you'll see that it comes back with, the loopback address.

So anytime you use xamps.com, DNS returns, which is your localhost address.


Looks like someone put the wrong MX record in for xamps.com. Their site is permanently localized. :)




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