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Server looses home to www


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My issue for example is that I have


<VirtualHost *:80>

ServerName tc.com

DocumentRoot C:/UniServer/www/tc.com/



but it ignores the tc.com and doing tc.com goes into www.


If I have




then the home pages are resolved to www for both sites so the home pages break. I am talking about joomla installs here but see the virtual host has the same issue.


What is causing this ?

thanks :)

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When you are using VHosts, then nothing goes under the www folder :)


In your example, if tc.com is your main site, then it goes in the root of vhosts:


Uniserver/vhosts/tccom/all the tc. com files and folders (e.g. all the Joomla! files and folders)


If sitea and siteb are accessed by tc.com/sitea, tc.com/siteb, then these go inside the tccom folder:


Uniserver/vhosts/tccom/sitea/all the sitea files and folders


If these other two sites are accessed via sitea.com and siteb.com, then they also go in the root of vhosts and your vhosts folder would look like:








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