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What do you think about Steel 9.0?


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I am very interested in this NginX 1.3.4 plugin, how does it work? Why is it considered a plugin, instead of replacing Apache? I heard engine-x was a very attractive http server engine, and is favoured over apache in several aspects.

I am representing the open tibia community otland.net
otland.net is contributing open source server software to an 2d mmorpg game called Tibia.

Here are some Uniform server tutorials/guide contributions from me:
VIDEO TUTORIAL: I teach newbreeds to install and operate uniform server: (Updated for Coral 8.x)

Uniform Server newbie guide:
Securely installing Uniform Server for total newbeginners:
(also contains how to get our open source tibia game, and connect it successfully to the uniform mysql server).

How to add a website for our open source tibia game which includes highscore, create account and so on: (On uniform server)

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The primary purpose of The Uniform Server is to be a simple WAMP server stack. This implies Windows, APACHE, MySQL and PHP. The fact that NginX can be installed as a plugin is a neat feature, primarily for development, testing and comparison.




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