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Control panel won't load a second time


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If I close the Uniform Server main control panel, and then try to load it again, it won't load. I need to log out or restart my machine to be able to load the control panel.


Repro steps:

- I load Uniform Server (Coral 8.6.4) using Start_as_program.exe

- Main control panel loads. I can turn on Apache and MySQL, use my server, all is good

- When I'm done with the server I turn off the two services and close the control panel

- If try to run Start_as_program.exe again, nothing happens. Panel does not load.

- If I log out and back in, or restart my machine, I am able to load the main panel and all is good again.


This is happening to me consistently, not a one-off thing.


My system:

Windows 7 64-bit

Coral 8.6.4


Not sure what other relevant info I can provide. Nothing shows up in error.log or access.log.


edit: I did a bit more testing, and figure out that this only occurs if I shut down the two services before closing the panel. If I leave the two services running, I can close and re-start the panel as many times as I want.

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mint_waxed -


Thanks for the persistence :) ... I was experiencing this as well, however, mine occurred intermittently and I could not reproduce. I too was always stopping both before closing; I will now try your method and just close ;)

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FYI, this is most likely because mshta.exe, the program that interprets the HTML code for Unicontroller, doesn't shut down properly. I found that this may happen if you rush the menus by trying to stop them early. Since it's not easily repeatable, I can't say for sure.


What I do if Unicontroller will not restart is to fire up the task manager and kill of the mshta.exe that's still running. It's one of the reasons that Ric is moving to a totally new control program for Steel-9, the next major upgrade.


Hope this works in your case.




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Thanks a lot BobS!


A have a similar problem which was driving me nuts.


I'm using Coral 8.8 with Windows 7 32. Tried both Run as Program and Run as Service. Nothing happened and didn't get any error message whatsoever.


Killing mshta.exe solved the problem.




PS. Is there an error log file somewhere which would have informed me what the problem was?

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