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getting 404 error


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Hello All


this is the most repeated problem to me when using uniform server, from it's past versions,


I still use this due to the passion I have on this and due to it's no registry dust concept which I too like.



ingeneral, it occurs in differnet scenarios like,


1)when I click on start.bat of another copy of uniform server (unknowingly) while one copy of uniform server is running,


2) when I click on start.bat or start.vbs of the uniform server when the same copy is running,


when this situation occur, I get 404 for redirect.html file which will be triggered (when start.bat file is clicked upon) and server donot get started,



finally, the workaround which I am trying is, to RESTORe the system to a previous working point, and reneable all settings, in uniform server, install all software which I am working before from scratch, then, install/configure other software which is implemented/modified after uniform server is initiated for first time, as after restoration took place, all those settings will be missed know,



this situation became too regular these days, after I had started upon uniform server beta 3.3, how much I like to work with it, this frequent errors are taking too much time,


hear your thoughts on this,


Thank You for your time,



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did all things,


now the scenario is too sensitive, it si getting corrupted and I get 404 error when the redirect.html file is triggerred after I click on start.bat or start.vbs


read some solution by other friend in other thread ( "redirect.html improvement" by cabra) know (i.e. he said that he added few lines of code to stop this errors), may be I need to try this??????


let us see if that helps me,


will update after experimentation,


Thank You


other than that problem I am very happy with this, :angry:


want to experiment more and add some plugins soon, this repeated problem is forcedly making me repeate many things which si consuming time that I want to dedicate for improvements,


wish the positive,


Thank You

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Please stop.. you are confusing my brian with all this dramatacalization bombastation :angry: lol


In simplicity, you have a server running and mistakenly started another server. It opens IE and redirects to a 404 page...


Is the W:/ drive still there? Did the Start.bat give you an error? Talk in simple English, no big geeky words now ok ;) lol... you all wanna kill my brain before school starts.

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