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Beta Steel Release Thread - http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?showtopic=2644


Uniformserver team doing awesome job :D


Steel Releases seems to be more plugable. They already have put much required and requested plugins like Downgrade php 5.3.x plugin and NginX :D



I hope in future will have Uniserver Manager - which allow to switch plugins and update channels(Dev/Beta/Stable....) :)


@Ric : Kudos!! Kindly Requesting you add wiki "Create Plugin".... want to give it a try ;)

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Bah! Having some problems!


My situation:

- Everything installed fine. Everything was running correctly. Then, I wanted phpmyadmin to work via internet.

- I wanted to restart Apache - so I hit stop service for mySQL, worked fine. Did the same for Apache. Then when I tried to access Unitray, it crashed (got a "List Index (1) out of bounds" error).

- Now I would *always* get the error. I found if I started the Apache service manually (it was installed as a Service), Unitry would work properly again.

- I still wanted to turn off Apache. But everytime I did, Unitray would crash. So I tried uninstalling the services (sc delete). Now Unitray won't launch at all - even after a fresh extraction.


How do I uninstall to try all over again? Clearly there are some registry settings being set, or something!



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I haven't had time to play much with it myself but as soon as I install nginx add-on it gives me all kinds of problems starting unitry. I really wanted to put nginx in front of apache in Uniserver. :)

<p class="bbc_center"><span style="font-size:12px;"><strong>Yoni</strong></span></p>

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Things were working fine with Steel b5 but now it's broken again.


Basically I can't run the UniTray UNLESS Apache is running! Meaning I can't use the Unitray to change any configurations (such as SSL port), because Apache is running.


If I shutdown Apache (through Unitray OR manually through Services) I get the "List Index (1) out of bounds" error.

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