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How do you backup your UniServer installation?


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Hello everyone,


so how do you backup it? Do you have some fancy app to do it for you?


Because I couldn't find anything, I wrote a small batch file that will backup whole UniServer directory using 7zip archiver, which will run in lowest priority on CPU's second core, so it won't overload the server.


You can set password for the backup archive and extra output path, where the backup will be copied. Normally, it would only make one copy of the backup in directory "UniServer\backup", using this filename format: "uniserver_date(backup number).7z", so you can make more backups per day, without overriding the older backups.


It will also backup all your databases by explicitly calling "Run_db_backup.bat" batch file, so the output backup archive will also contain all database backups.


How to install:

-Extract the "backup_script.zip" file to "UniServer\uni_con\" directory

-Download 7za and extract the downloaded archive to the "UniServer\uni_con\backup" directory


You can add path to this script to cron's config file ("uni_con\cron\cron.ini"), so it can run periodically using cron by adding these lines:


start  = 2012-07-23 0:00:00
period = weekly
path   = C:\UniServer\uni_con\cron\backup\backup.bat
ref	= 


Enjoy! :)


P.S. 7za.exe can be downloaded here:



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