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Problem with ICE


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Ice isn't showing up in my phpinfo()


Here's what I did:


I downloaded Ice-3.4.2.msi from http://www.zeroc.com/download.html

I installed it in C:\UniServer\ice (I had it in default location first, but I thought maybe spaces in pathname were causing me issues)

I copied php_ice.dll to C:\UniServer\usr\local\php\extensions\php_ice.dll

I setup C:\UniServer\ice\bin in my PATH (this shows up fine in phpinfo())


I have added the following to php.ini





and I did restart the server



I've read this post http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?showtopic=1690 and even though I don't see why that would work better than the path, I tried copying the files too. No luck.


Anyone have any idea?

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