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[FIX] Slow MySQL on Windows7


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I've noticed that MySQL performance was really bad (i.e. took seconds to load simple page) after moving my website from 3rd-party hosting provider to my own server which was running on UniServer. First, I thought that MySQL was badly configured, so I've tried to tweak the config file (mostly upping allowed memory usage, etc.) after reading a few tutorials.


It didn't help and reinstalling UniServer to the most recent version didn't help either. Today, I've started measuring the php script execution time and I found out that the problem isn't caused by bad configuration or UniServer itself, but Windows 7's IPv6 issue.


Changing from "localhost" to "" when connecting to MySQL (i.e. calling mysql_connect) solves the speed problem. Improving speed from ~1.23 sec to ~0.0073sec.


The problem is described in this post:



Why I'm posting this here? This issue is pretty common, but can be easily detected using a script, so I think that it would be great if UniServer could detect this issue after startup. :)

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