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[APP] Patch Generator v0.1


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Hello everyone,


I wanted to upgrade my UniServer installation to the latest version, but there was no patch, so I had to reinstall the whole server and reconfigure everything again. It was pretty painful and time consuming, I must admit.


So I have decided to make a patch generator. Took me almost whole day to make. Yay! :) Here is the first working version.


Uniform Server - Patch Generator v0.1

Script by Crypton. For The Uniform Server Community.



How to make a patch:

Simply put the downloaded installation archives that contains the old and new version of UniServer

(e.g. Coral_8_5_5.exe and Coral_8_5_7.exe) to the "coral" subdirectory and then run "generate.bat" file.


Wait till it says it's done. It should output one .exe-cutable file (e.g. UniPatch_v8_5_5-8_5_7.exe), which is the patch.


Before you apply the patch:

Make backups! Always backup the whole UniServer directory before applying the patch. You never know what can go wrong. Really.



-Automatic backup and uninstall.

-Improve the installer. It's pretty simple right now.



v0.1 - First version. No changes actually.



It's using nsis, PatchGen and 7zip, so all the thanks goes to the authors of those apps.



See the License.txt file.






(Btw, I've tried to attach the zip file to this thread, but it won't allow it.)





Feel free to improve this.

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