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Links to .doc and .pdf files coming up 404 in Coral 8.5.4


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Hi all,


I'm running Coral 8.5.4 as a testing server for a static website. It's installed on my WinXP local machine.


I have a directory /docs/ (as in /www/docs/) where all the document attachments such as .pdf and .doc live.


While navigating localhost in a web browser, any link to a document in localhost/docs/ results in a 404 error, even though the link address is not wrong, and I can clearly see the allegedly missing file present in /www/docs/ when I browse via Windows Explorer.


The links work again when I migrate from the test environment to prod. (Prod is an apache server run by a central IT group in my organisation - I have no access to its configuration.)


Things I've tried:


The mime types (main ones are .pdf, .doc, .docx) all seem to be present and accounted for in \UniServer\usr\local\apache2\conf\mime.types


The file names are mixed case and the hrefs correctly reflect the mixed case, however I enabled mod_speling just in case that was the problem - no joy.


Any thoughts?


Many thanks for your help.

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If you type the following into your browser: http://localhost/docs/

a directory listing of Uniform Servers documentation is displayed.


Your links are trying to locate pages within Uniform Servers documentation folder hence the 404 errors.


Solution 1:

Solution is to rename your docs folder to documentation (or some other name) and change all your links accordingly. Admittedly this is not an ideal solution because you are then coding to a specific server limitation.


Solution 2:

Alternative solution is to change Uniform Servers configuration to allow folder www to contain a folder named docs as follows.


Rename folder UniServer\docs to UniServer\docs_us


Edit file: UniServer\usr\local\apache2\conf\httpd.conf

Note: Your paths may differ . Change only the docs.


Locate this line:

Alias /docs "C:/UniServer/docs/"

Change to:

Alias /us_docs "C:/UniServer/docs_us/"


Locate this section:

<Directory "C:/UniServer/docs/">
 Options Indexes Includes
AllowOverride All
Require all granted


Change to:

<Directory "C:/UniServer/docs_us/">
 Options Indexes Includes
AllowOverride All
Require all granted


At this stage the server will function correctly however the server help documentation links will fail.


Edit file:


Locate line:

US_DOCS = UNICON_PATH & "docs" '* Top docs folder

Change to:

US_DOCS = UNICON_PATH & "docs_us" '* Top docs folder


Restart server and clean browser cache.

All the best

Ric :)

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