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Just starting and i can´t make it work


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Hi, i just strat lerning php. So i downloaded the UniServ 3.2a just to test the pages i made. But i can´t make it work, when i run start.bat an error messege apaear en the DOS window and tells me this:



One of the instances of Apache server is started. Use stop.bat


Press any key to continue...


Anyway i try to see an .php page and the browser didn´t find the server. I tryed http://localhost/cursophp/ejemplo.php,, http://alejo/cursophp/ejemplo.php, http://localhost/a/cursophp/ejemplo.php, and http://alejo/a/cursophp/ejemplo.php. But nothing works :angry:


I´m runing W98se... and i put the page ejemplo.php in the E:\web servidor uniform\UniServer3_2a\diskw\www\cursophp


So, i don´t know what else can i say... sorry for my english ;)



thank you!

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This is because of the Process32 bug. Currently it wont work on some Win98, Win95 and NT PCs.


It might work on yours if you try this patch: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?f...691&atid=471255

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Ok, i change the the line 8 of start.bat

it was "IF NOT ERRORLEVEL 1 goto started"

and a i chage it to "IF NOT ERRORLEVEL 0 goto started"


so, now in the DOS windows says

"The server is working on the disk w:\ [http/]"

then it open a window "W:" where i can see the content of "diskw" folder, and open the internet explorer but it apears to be wrong, it can´t open the page "http://localhost/a/" i try to open it with "" and "http://alejo/a/" but nothing. :angry:


Thank you for taking the time ;)

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