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Problem with Sqlite3 extension


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I've enabled php_sqlite3.dll in my UniServer.


However, when I try to add a database in phpliteadmin, it fails, even though the extension is installed. Also, no error message appears, and it says that the program can't diagnose the problem and it also says I should contact the person who wrote phpliteadmin.


I even tried the program Adminer, but it says this error message.


"Please use one of the extensions db, sdb, sqlite."


The db and sdb extensions aren't installed in php. I tried looking in the access and error logs and nothing was shown. The pdo SQLite extension is disabled too.


So I've got an extension that doesn't seem to cooperate with PHP. What do I do?

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There are two PHP extensions that require enabling:






"Please use one of the extensions db, sdb, sqlite."

These are not PHP extensions they are file extensions you provide when saving a database file e.g. test_db.sqlite


All the best


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