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Locked out of Apanel


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I was suddenly kicked off of Apanel and then locked out.

I'm running Mona 4.3 (please don't tell me to upgrade) and

I'm locked out of apanel. Initially it asked for username & password, which it rejected. I do know my username & password. I doubled checked at:






At Z:\home\admin\www\.htaccess I "Allow from all" and commented out:

#AuthName "Uniform Server - Admin Panel 2.0"

#AuthType Basic

#AuthUserFile /htpasswd/home/admin/www/.htpasswd

#Require valid-user


I even deleted Z:\home\admin\www\.htaccess , but still locked out..


I have no problem running a different instance of Mona 4.3, which is not a copy (please don't tell me to move to this instance of Mona)


I have been under rather constant port scans, which my firewall says it blocks, for the last 4-6 weeks.



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You gave us some info, but not enough to really help.

What OS are using?

The term "locked out" isn't clear. What message do you get?

Exactly what happens when you put "http://localhost/apanel" into a browser?


Have you looked at the /htpasswd/home/admin/www/.htpasswd file?

This contains the actual user/passwd pair that Apache is checking.




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